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    I am looking for "awesome lighting effects" for 2D graphics.  Perhaps like a glowing effect?  has anyone seen an example like that?  in more details, if I have a circle or a square.png and I bring it in, and I draw it to the screen.. how can I surround that same texture with lighting?  I could probably do the effect externally (like in photoshop), but would love to do it in code if its possible, so that I can apply it to anything.. without mocking around with photoshop and working with 100 different images.  thanks!

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    I'm a super-noob at this, but I imagine you could get the effect with blending settings. For example, if you wanted the light to reveal otherwise-hidden areas of the screen you would have a screen-sized "Lighting" image drawn on to the screen every frame with a 'multiply' blending. You might also be able to software-generate halos by colorizing and then blurring the image you want to be glowing, and then drawing the image on top.

    Never implemented any of these, but all of the graphics packages in the programming languages I know better have the required tools.

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