Adding some spark to your next WPF project with WPFSpark


Today's WPF Wednesday project (Yeah, I know, sometimes it "Web Wednesday" sometimes "Wild Wednesday" sometimes "I'm not really sure, nothing rimes with W Wednesday"... I'm doing it on purpose to keep the content fresh... no, really... well that's my story and I'm sticking with it. LOL Wink is one that helps you add some professional touches, look and feel, to your WPF UI's. Oh and you get the source for the library too, so you can add some spark to your brain too.


WPFSpark is a library of user controls which can be used by developers to provide a rich User Experience in their applications.


Before we go to far, there's a series of great Code Project articles that covers each control...

  1. WPFSpark: 1 of n: SprocketControl
  2. WPFSpark: 2 of n: ToggleSwitch
  3. WPFSpark: 3 of n: FluidWrapPanel
  4. WPFSpark: 4 of n: SparkWindow
  5. WPFSpark: 5 of n: FluidPivotPanel
  6. WPFSpark: 6 of n: FluidProgressBar
  7. WPFSpark: 7 of n: FluidStatusBar

These articles do a great job in explaining each control, how they work and how you can best use them.

Though it doesn't do the control justice, that you really have to see them in motion, here's a quick snap of each;









Enough eye candy, let's take a look at the Solution;


As you can see, each control has it's own folder and demo, making it easy for you to dig into the control that interests you.

Say you found the Pivot Panel coo and interesting, because you might think that with Windows 8 coming soon, with its touch first focus that we're going to be seeing much more focus on touch and touch devices, even for "normal" apps, and you like the Windows Phone 7 Pivot design and want something like that in your WPF UI/App...


First the demo code;




Now lets take a peek at how it's actually implemented.


In short, we've got demo code to check out if we're interested in is consuming it, or we've got the implementation code, if we're interested in seeing how something like this is built.

If you're looking to add a little zest and spark to your WPF UI's, yet are looking for something inexpensive and also something that can help you grow your own knowledge base, this project is there just waiting for you!


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