After a while you don't see the code anymore... in this Modern WPF Matrix "Rain" control. And more on Modern too...

The Discussion

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    WPF is cool...
    XAML is awesome Smiley
    XAML Spy makes it shine.


    A lot of Trading Platforms for Front Office are done in WPF

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    This honestly look a lot like Zune . Lol i miss the Windows Phone 7 days.

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    Thanks to the guys behind "Modern UI"  and your post to make me aware of it !

    That said I feel that Microsoft should do more to keep the business desktop experience up to date.

    LOB is still why a business use Windows. MS haven't done anything new in WPF.

    Give us more ! Or perhaps loose us and our customers to Macintosh (What some of our customers want ) When we as a Community of LOB "specialist" dont deliver better and more compelling systems - whats the difference ...

    LOB "specialist" have many other things on the agenda than programming.

    Make it easier with better Controls in the box (Visual Studio)

    WPF is what we have to make our customers happy !

    Make us happy with a better WPF.

    (And don't get me started with the Windows Store - where is the story for Line Of Business there ! It's like nobody has even thought about that ! )


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