After a while you don't see the code anymore... in this Modern WPF Matrix "Rain" control. And more on Modern too...


Today's project is just for fun. I mean, what is a week in geekdom without some kind of Matrix reference? (or Office Space... oh and it is a Monday! Wink

Plus I like seeing the WPF and "Modern UI" love...

WPF Matrix Rain Dashboard Gauge Control

This is a WPF control that looks like the Matrix movie "falling code". In the example supplied in the source code, it tracks the activity of file transfers.

Basically a short string representing an object being transferred is displayed in white vertically and scrolls downward, while random green characters trail behind and to the side.



Use of a background worker is made to update the telemetry object so that the GUI does not look jerky or slow down.


Inspiration for this comes from several other Matrix projects that were Console based, but this uses the WPF System.Windows.Media framework instead.

Yep, that's a Windows Desktop/WPF app...

What? You want more about that Modern template (even though you acknowledge that the Matrix control is pretty neat?)

Modern UI for WPF

A set of controls and styles converting your WPF application into a great looking Modern UI app. This open source project is a spin-off of XAML Spy, the visual runtime inspector for Silverlight, Windows Phone, Windows Store and WPF. Read the announcement at

See some screenshots to get an idea of what Modern UI for WPF is all about. And visit the documentation to learn how to incorporate Modern UI for WPF into your application.



  • Appearance, configurable at runtime
    • Dark, light and custom themes
    • Accent color
    • Large and small fonts
  • New modern controls
    • BBCodeBlock
    • ModernButton
    • ModernDialog
    • ModernFrame
    • ModernMenu
    • ModernTab
    • ModernWindow
    • RelativeAnimatingContentControl
    • TransitioningContentControl
  • Layout
    • A set of predefined page layouts for a consistent look & feel
  • Control styles
    • Styles for common WPF controls, such as Button, TextBlock, etc.
    • All styles automatically adapt the dark and light theme and use accent colors where appropriate
  • Customizable navigation framework
    • ILinkNavigator and IContentLoader interfaces for maximum flexibility
    • Content loader exception templates in ModernFrame
  • Project and item templates
    • Visual Studio 2012 project and item templates for creating ModernUI apps as fast and smooth as possible
    • Read more and download the extension containing the templates at the Visual Studio Gallery




Now you can Matrix your Modern

The Discussion

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    WPF is cool...
    XAML is awesome Smiley
    XAML Spy makes it shine.


    A lot of Trading Platforms for Front Office are done in WPF

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    This honestly look a lot like Zune . Lol i miss the Windows Phone 7 days.

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    Thanks to the guys behind "Modern UI"  and your post to make me aware of it !

    That said I feel that Microsoft should do more to keep the business desktop experience up to date.

    LOB is still why a business use Windows. MS haven't done anything new in WPF.

    Give us more ! Or perhaps loose us and our customers to Macintosh (What some of our customers want ) When we as a Community of LOB "specialist" dont deliver better and more compelling systems - whats the difference ...

    LOB "specialist" have many other things on the agenda than programming.

    Make it easier with better Controls in the box (Visual Studio)

    WPF is what we have to make our customers happy !

    Make us happy with a better WPF.

    (And don't get me started with the Windows Store - where is the story for Line Of Business there ! It's like nobody has even thought about that ! )


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