Aliens invading with XNA

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    Nate Greenwood

    Ah! Finally. I have been trying to find a work around for the past two or three days to deal with a codec bug in Windows 7. Specifically, when playing recorded Live Meeting sessions, you can't see your Visual Studio screen during playback (it's simply a blank screen) but you can still hear audio and see the slides.

    Thanks for making this available.

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    This chapter of the book Coding 4 Fun is great, except when you finish all the hours of coding, you run the game, win or lose it crashes. On the PC and XBOX, and not work around in sight.

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    @Carl, looking into it.  Do you know the exception that is getting thrown?  What version of XNA did you code this in?  Is this a version you coded yourself or the version from

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    This video is great!, but I wish to download the video in Higher resolution. From "play the recording at a higher resolution" I only got download the audio, not the video. Exist the direct link to the video in HD to download it?.

    Thanks a lot.

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