An introduction to Unity3D - A 30 minute getting started guide


A number of times I've mentioned Unity3D, usually with the assumption that you all knew what it was, how to get it and how to use it. Well you know what they say about when you  "assume" something...

That's why today's post caught my eye. It's not "code" per-se (though there is a little C#!) instead it's a easy, simple and fairly short introduction to Unity3D.

Introduction to Unity3D

Unity3D is a powerful cross-platform 3D engine and a user-friendly development environment. Learn how Unity3D can help you create games in this article!

What is Unity3D?

Unity3D is a powerful cross-platform 3D engine and a user friendly development environment. Easy enough for the beginner and powerful enough for the expert; Unity should interest anybody who wants to easily create 3D games and applications for mobile, desktop, the web, and consoles.

The article starts off talking about cost, installation and basic getting started stuff.



Through to scripting and publishing;


If you've heard of Unity3D before but didn't know how to get started with it, this is the perfect article for you...

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