Announcing the release of the first "WPF/E" CTP

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No clue what "WPF/E" is?  Scott Guthrie goes on to explain,  "It is a small client runtime that enables AJAX developers and designers to deliver richer, cross-platform, interactive web experiences.  It will allow applications to go beyond what can be done with pure HTML today, and will enable sites to significantly improve the client user experience by blending HTML UI, Dynamic Vector Graphics, Animation and Media into a seamless cross-platform browser experience."

Not only that, it can stream video and audio to the remote computer wihtout installing any additional items and it works on IE, FireFox, and Safari!

You can check out the documentation here, a Channel9 video here, and install the client here.

Here are some of the samples showing off the ablities of "WPF/E".

  • Page Turner
  • Sprawl Game
  • Film Strip Slide-Show
  • Media Library

    Update:Nikhil Kothari has posted a Flickr example.

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