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It's Microsoft MVP Global Summit week! 1,900'ish MVP's, including yours truly, are descending on the Microsoft Campus to connect with the Product Groups, peers and get a behind-the-scenes (i.e. NDA, Non-Disclosure Agreement) look at what's happening with all things Microsoft.

To honor the MVP's this week Coding4Fun will only be MVP posts and projects. :)

Today, we're a highlighting a project two VS ALM MVP's and ALM Rangers, Utkarsh Shigihalli and Tarun Arora.

This project is a great example of the extensibility of Visual Studio and if there's an API, how the community will step-up and fill in holes and gaps, often on their own time and their own dime.

AppVeyor Extension for Visual Studio

AppVeyor is a well-known cloud based build server, which integrates with many source controls like VSO (Visual Studio Online), GitHub, BitBucket etc. Like many others, we love AppVeyor too. However, most of the time we spend our time in Visual Studio, and interacting with AppVeyor was not possible from within Visual Studio. So we decided to build an extension!

What is in the first(beta) version?

  • Seamless integration within Visual Studio
  • Monitor Builds and build status
  • Start/Stop builds
  • Go to individual project specific pages from extension.

Show me some screenshots:

Once you install the extension you will see a new item "AppVeyor" in Visual Studio's View menu

Once you install the extension you will see a new item "AppVeyor" in Visual Studio's View menu

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Clicking "AppVeyor" menu will open a new "AppVeyor" window

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Before you see your projects you need to enter your AppVeyor API token in Tools | Options | AppVeyor or clicking gears icon in the AppVeyor window’s toolbar. This is required for extension to communicate with your AppVeyor account. We use bearer token authentication to access AppVeyor API. 

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Finally, we love VS dark theme too!

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  • This a beta version and our extension does only part of what AppVeyor supports. 
  • Tested only against our GitHub repositories as we do not have enterprise account with AppVeyor :)
  • You may encounter few bugs in the extension - but we promise we did not leave them intentionally, so please report them to us and we will plan to fix. 

Finally, if you like this extension please rate the extension and also share within your circles.

And of course the source is available... onlyutkarsh/AppVeyorExtension

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