Arduino 1.x for Visual Studio 2012 [and still 2010 and 2008]

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Today's Hardware Friday post is a return to the Arduino for Visual Studio project, which now supports VS2012.

Arduino 1.x for Visual Studio 2012, 2010 and 2008

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Arduino IDE for Microsoft Visual Studio - Producers vs Hackers!

New Product News: Take a tour of our unique integrated Arduino Debug Tool (optional upgrade and in beta). The debugger is great for both new and experienced users! You can watch an overview of the standard free plugin and the debugger upgrade on YouTube
Arduino for Visual Studio is a free Arduino development alternative that provides 100% compatibility with the Arduino programming IDE 0023, 1.0.1, 1.0.2 (1.5 coming soon). Unlike other Arduino plugins, this plugin ensures compatibility with all arduino open source projects. The plugin brings the same ease of programming to Visual Studio that is provided by the Arduino IDE. It's really easy to use and very stable! Read about some of the distinguishing features of the plugin.
The plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio allows an Arduino project (with code completion) to be developed, compiled and then uploaded to any Arduino micro-processor. (not available in the vs express versions) Free Microsoft Offer for Visual Studio Professional Open an Arduino sketch in Visual Studio, select a board and a serial port, then press F5 to upload. It's that easy!
Arduino for Visual Studio 2012 - VS2012 is highly recommended, huge install but very fast to open and use
New in the latest release 1210.24


Ardunio and VS2012? Oh yeah, that's some goodness...

The Discussion

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    Wow Very cool. I love this! 

    Kudos guys......... 

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    I am using this tool. It's so easy and sooo much better than the Arduino IDE. I also tried Eclpise and it is complex and doesn't work properly with Arduino. 5 Stars for this solution!!

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    snow biker

    good IDE but how do i move the code onto the board? com port is ready but ... where is the transfer button... I am sure this is obvious to someone. Please help.

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    @snow biker:


    For compile and upload, the plugin uses the standard options you would use to start a windows program in Visual Studio. For example: Debug>Start or F5 or click the little green arrow on the tool bar

    For compile without upload, all of the "Project>Build" options work. 

    Please do join the forum on I don't get automatic email notifications when people comment on microsoft blogs so might not respond for a long time Smiley 



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    I have vs2012 ultimate, and I installed the plugin, but I don't see in the VS new project topic (arduino project)

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    @tbarat: The best bet would be to post your question on the forum on

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    @tbarat: Sorry we missed your question. Greg is right, it is better to join the forum for questions and help because we do not get automated notifications of questions for this page.

    To answer the question (I think):

    The plugin does not use Visual Studio "New Project" templates.

    Please look for the "File>Add>New Arduino Project" menu item. Alternatively if you right click the "Solution Explorer" the "Add" menu also allows you to add a new "Arduino Project".

    See the wiki for more help

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