Arduino for Visual Studio 2015 [Beta]

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    If you are newbie and wanna learn arduino as fast as possible, check this This course is designed for anyone interested in learning electronic design. No experience is required, and all you need is an Arduino and several low cost components.With over 19 hours of content in 110 lectures, this course will take you from zero experience in electronics or programming to Arduino Master.

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    If you are using the Arduino debugger then try the new chart drawing breakpoint syntax:-

    {@Plot.GregsGraphs.Sensor1 analogRead(A0)}

    {@Plot.GregsGraphs.Sensor2 analogRead(A1)}

    The syntax above plots two graphs for Arduino analog pins 0 and 1 into a new VS 2015 tool window called "GregsGraphs". Each plot is given the label Sensor0 or Sensor1

    Below we can see the "Motors" tool window is created in a similar manner. 

    Represent micro-controller expressions and variables using the Visual Micro chart Visualization. All visualizations are open source and easy to extend or create new ones


    Note it is also possible to specify chart colors

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