Augmented Reality with SLARToolkit on Windows Phone

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Today's Mobile Monday project takes us back to a toolkit mentioned here a few times, back to Windows Phone and back to augmented reality.

If all these things have already been mentioned before why revisit them? Because today's post is an hour long session that gently introduces you to the world of augmented reality, doing AR on Windows Phone 7.1(5), and two sample code projects too.

Recording of “Programming Augmented Reality for Windows Phone”

As promised here’s the recording of the webcast session I did for AT&T on Augmented Reality with Windows Phone.

It was great going through this stuff and hopefully inspiring more people to think beyond with their apps and bring in the real world to augment users experiences!

Items that were covered in the session were:

  • Recap on what it means to have Augmented Reality
  • Review of the different types of AR solutions
  • A High level description of what sensors and inputs you can use to augment your solution
  • A Run down of the top 3 AR toolkits for Windows Phone in both Silverlight and XNA
  • A code walkthrough of a Silverlight solution using SLARToolkit
  • A Code walkthrough of a 3D SilverXNA project also using the SLARToolkit
  • Q&A

from Vimeo.

The source for the two mentioned projects are available here, Programming Augmented Reality for WP Source. If you grab these sample projects and run into an error where the "SLARToolKitWinPhone" project cannot be found, there's a couple fixes.

What I did was just grab the latest source from the SLAR Project (, unziped it and replaced that project with the one in \trunk\SLARToolKit\Source\SLARToolKit, SLARToolKitWinPhone.csproj.

Or you can download the SLAR binaries ( and use them.

The important thing is that Simon spends an hour with us, talking about AR, challenges and just the fun things you can do with it on Windows Phone.





Here’s a few more links you might find interesting:

The Discussion

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    Great Post!  I see the base marker cards on lots of different toys now that work with mobile devices and it makes me snicker a little.   I think these things have great application for the disabled along with the next gen AR devices, facial recognition for sure.

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    Sisil mehta

    The Qualcomm vuforia sdk does a much better job with AR. Highly recommended .

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    Great Tip Sisil


    However the Vuforia SDk isn't available on Windows Phone as yet.  but if you are doing it on Android / IOS then yes it looks like an excellent choice.

    It is also available on Windows but unsure yet if that will work on Win 8 as it uses a lot of Native support for the video stream (will try a hammer with it)

    The thing that impressed me most about the framework is that there is an extension for Unity with it, this is truly amazing if frameworks like this make themselves available to other multi-platform products as well.

    Link if anyone wants a further read -  I may do a follow up article on this.

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