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    This looks great, does it support .net 4.5 ?

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    Quote: " isn't required or even endorsed for working more functional goodness into your C# code, but it's a great tool to start learning and sparking ideas with."

    Wait, what? How is it not endorsed?


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    Great, so it's the keywords flipped on the 90 degree bias to be fluent. Also grammar.

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    Nice stuff, thanks for sharing. Smiley

    Note that for events handlers there is a trick to avoid checking for null:

    public event EventHandler Updated = delegate{};
    public void Update()
        Updated(this, EventArgs.Empty);

    So from the start you have at least one empty delegate to execute, and a priori even a malicious code can't remove the original empty delegate so you always have one.

    You can consider this an application of the "null object" pattern.

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