Bing, Boom, Bang... Building a Remote Control Phone app (and server)

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Today's Mobile Monday project from Chris Lovett is a fun project that shows how you can make your phone connect to a server/app on your desktop.

Remote Control Phone

Have you ever wanted to control your PC using your Windows Phone?  Well it turns out to be surprisingly simple to do.  I found some sample code on MSDN that plays tic-tac-toe and so I took that and made some simple changes.


See mp4 Video (12mb)

After you click through and grab the source, make sure you also watch the video he put together. It will help you get started with the project.

In short, when you fire up the phone app, the Server name is the machine running the other app. So if you're running both on the same system, enter your computers name (and not localhost... tried that myself... before I watched the video... sigh).

One easy way to get your machine's name is to use the commandline utility whoami (assuming you're not using a domain joined machine)


Once you get them both running (I used the Solution - Properties - Start Multiple Applications) it worked for me with no problems at all.


Here's a snap of the Solution;


It must be complicated? Magic? Nope! The code looks really easy to use and integrate.


So now, go out and build your own little SmartScreen kind of apps!



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