Bing into Song... with the Bing powered "Song Translator"

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I just came across this and thought it really kind of different and cool. And the fact it was done by high school kids, pretty awesome (and humbling... darn kids these days! lol)

Song Translator

Over the summer, three high school interns built a song translation app that showcases Bing Translator’s capabilities. The app allows users to upload their favorite songs with lyrics, add timestamps to the lyrics, then translate and sing the song in another language.

File Name:

Version: 1.0

Date Published: 29 August 2013

Download Size: 0.62 MB

Make sure you read the Readme.txt. It will make getting the code to compile much easier.

                       BEFORE YOU START

The Solution is located at LYRIC\LYRIC.sln

Update your NuGet Manager:

Install the Nuget package for the Mobile Service using the package manager console
Instructions can be found here (
Install for both LYRIC and LYRIC.Utility
PM> Install-Package WindowsAzure.MobileServices

If you see an error complaining about Newtonsoft.Json.dll, in the LYRIC project, manually add reference to

Open the configurations file LYRIC.Utility\Configuration.cs and input credentials for your storage account, mobile service, and translator service.

After following this, I was able to compile and run the code with no problems... (after of course, not following it the first time, thinking I don't need no stick'n readme! sigh... "Bad Greg, bad...")

Here's a snap of the Solution;



The mentioned required settings in the Configuration.cs contains links to help you get the required keys...


Finally the app running;



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