Block out some time to play with the C#, open source, block game engine, Voxeliq


For the last day of the year, last post of the year, we're NOT doing a top 10. We're NOT doing a Best Of. We're NOT doing a prediction post, a roll-up, year in review, or even a thank you post! Na... Boring...

We're about coding right? So how about we wrap up the year highlighting a open source, c#, game library that will help you build your own cool game? You've undoubtedly have heard of Minecraft? You've maybe wondered if you could create your own like "block" game? Well my friends, today's is just for you!


Voxeliq is a block engine crafted with C# that can be used to develop block based worlds with any type of gameplay you can imagine. Sandbox games, RPG’s or even RTS games within a blocky world! Engine is still being developed & optimized for production though we already started kicking in our first games with it.


raistlinthewiz / voxeliq

voxeliq is an open source block-based game engine implementation developed with C#. It uses XNA or the Monogame as the basis. It can be compiled with Microsoft .NET or Mono, which means you can run it on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Please see the file LICENSE for license details.

Copyright (C) 2011 - 2013, Voxeliq Studios

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

Stay awhile and listen

  • Read the FAQ and check the wiki before asking!
  • Check out the forums.

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The engine and sample game downloaded and ran for me with no problems. If you're using Visual Studio, you'll need to open it in VS 2010. Due to its usage of XNA, it won't load in VS 2012. You'll also obviously need the XNA Game Studio installed too.

Anyway, once opened, here's a snap of the solution.


Here's some snaps of it running on my notebook;

Screenshot (9)Screenshot (11)Screenshot (10)

The cool thing is that this sample game really have very little code behind it itself, with the engine doing all the hard work.

There's bascially two CS files for the entire sample game;


The Program.cs is the usual setup stuff;


The VoxeliqGame.cs just setups the environment, UI, etc, telling the engine what's needed and then runs;


And that's about it. The engine does everything else.

Here's a snap of the engine;


So think you've got the idea for the next killer block game? Voxeliq might be just the thing to get your engine started!

The Discussion

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    This can be run on VS2012, there is a procedure to enable XNA in VS2012, you must have VS2010 and XNA installed. Copy the XNA Game Studio folder from the 10.0/Common7/Extensions/Microsoft folder to the same folder inthe 11.0 directory. Edit the Manifest file in the folder to have the version point to 11.0 instead of 10.0 and then dlete the cache files in the %LocalApps%/Microsoft/VisualStudio/Extensions folder

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    @lordrhys: Thanks... I'll have to give that a try. I didn't even think about looking for something like that. Funny how blinders can be, well, blinding...  Tongue Out

    Thanks again

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