"Build a 2D Top Down Game – Zero to Published"


You guys know how I like to highlight game dev stuff and projects. What developer hasn't thought of writing a game? What gamer hasn't thought of programming their own (okay, okay, I'm sure there are a few, but then again, they probably wouldn't be reading this blog either, so...)

When I saw this series from David Crook, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, it went right to the top of my post list. There's Unity, Visual Studio, Windows 8.x, Windows Phone, gaming and it's 0 to Done type of series... Should be enough here to get even the starting game dev going!

Build a 2D Top Down Game – Zero to Published – Part 1


Many of you know I have been waiting for the final stars to align so that I could write this article.  I am pleased to announce that all issues technical and legal have been resolved, and I have been able to complete my game “Skeleton Dude”.  The completed version of this game is published to the Windows 8 store and is available for download for FREE!  This link will take you to the final version.  So lets get started!


Download Unity for FREE!


One common misconception is that Unity costs money.  That is only true if you want the PRO version.  The free version is fantastic for pretty much everything an indie developer will want to do.

Create a new project

Open Unity, go to File -> New Project.

Import Assets

  1. Free version of Dungeon Kit.
  2. Unity VS if you are using it.
  3. Click here for all assets in a zip file if you are having issues.  Please note that I received email permission from Icarus Studio to distribute this pack in this manner.  Note that they have a paid for version that is way more awesome and is a great pack to download if you want to take this game to the next level.

Make sure you download the assets anyways, as it includes the splash screen as well as audio that I built using the Demo version of FL Studio.

Prepare workspace


Build a 2D Top Down Game – Zero to Published – Part 9

Welcome to part 9!  I can’t believe we are here already.  Up to this point you should have a fully functioning basic game!  You should have spiders being generated on a timer along with a way to destroy the spider webs, when enough webs are destroyed you should load the next level or the win level.  When you take too much damage, you should be respawned at the start of the level.

In this article, we are going to cover publishing to Windows Store 8 and Windows Phone 8 Store!


30,000 foot view

  • Switch platform in Unity
  • Set player settings (images, icons, etc)
  • Build from Unity which creates a Visual Studio solution
  • Open solution in Visual Studio
  • Test the project and deploy to devices or local system
  • Upload to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store

Switch Platform to Target Platform (Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8)

  • Select Windows Store
  • Select Switch Platform
  • Select SDK as 8.0
  • Select Player Preferences to explore those settings (these can all be set later in visual studio)
  • Click Build
  • Create a new folder in you structure called “BuildOutput”
  • Create a new folder in “BuildOutput” called “WindowsStore8″
  • Create a new folder in “BuildOutput” called “WindowsStore8.1″
  • Select “WindowsStore8″ as your folder
  • Click build.
  • Go back to your platform and set the SDK as 8.1
  • Select “WindowsStore8.1″ as your folder
  • Click build
  • Repeat the process for WindowsPhone



WOW!  This was the last article for the zero to published series.  In this series we have covered everything it takes to build a top down 2D game and publish it to windows.

What Next?

Download the full version of the dungeon assets maybe and start using the skills you learned in this series to do dungeon navigation, interact with more interesting enemies, add story lines etc.  learn particle effects and create spells!  Welcome to the world of video game development.  Don’t forget that if you are reading my article series to check out my promotions tab and look for the latest promotions I am running that you can possibly win some great devices.

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    David Crook

    THANKS FOR LIKING! I saw this is one of the top places people find this series from using my analytics. I saw a huge spike on July 30 and was like "Where did that come from?"

    Thanks again! I'm working on another series now for hackathon to product with a follow up series on monetizing with Azure! :) Keep an eye out, aiming to be done around early December for hackathon to product and February for the monetizing portion.

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    @David Crook: No, thank you! It's great work, like you've done, that make my curator life so much easier... :)

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