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robots[1] Trossen Robotics wants to know what you are building. If you have a cool project that you've built it's time to make some money showing it off.

What sort of projects can you submit you ask?  Robotics, HCI, home automation, RFID, art projects, useful mods & hacks, fun/entertaining projects, etc. Have you made wireless entry into your car?  Did you make an electric backyard catapult? Figure out a way to have your robot take over humanity? Awesome! Homebrew/DIY projects are just as good as improving an off the shelf item. Complete systems or components for systems are all welcome in our book. If you created a vision tool for a robot, a keyless RFID based entry lock, a Rube Goldberg invention, or even part of a home automation, that's cool too! It could be some navigation or voice recognition software or even a new drive train. We love projects that focus on solving particular problems because then others can use those ideas in their projects.

Sounds good and all, but what's the prize you ask?  Well in the September 2007 contest, they are giving out more than $300 dollars in prizes.

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