Build your own Windows 7 Sensors!

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The Discussion

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    Hello, this is a nice feature for my new Win7 PC

    thx a lot


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    @Szymon, The Arduino driver is coming.  If you hit the "email us" link, i can put you in contact with Brian too

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    Szymon Kobalczyk [MVP]

    Great work guys! This is exactly what is needed right now to get people working on great apps for Windows Sensors Platform.

    I'm very interested in porting this to Arduino platform. I think this way we could utilize a lot of existing libraries and create shields with some common sensors (such as the DangerShield).

    Also I think the protocol should be made flexible enough to use the same driver with other platforms - so that one would only need to implement it on the microcontroller side.

    Please let me know if I can help you with developing or testing this.

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    @Dan at the time of posting, the price information was the price from their website.  Prices change over time and depending where you buy it.

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    I dont know where you got you Price information from, but you can buy one Homework Board, and The Basic Stamp 2 Carier Board Costs about $70.

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