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A while ago we highlighted how Buildbox added UWP to its toolbox, You and now UWP with Buildbox. Today we're highlighting an awesome series they've put together, taking you from Zero to Playable Game, all free...

Announcing the Make Your Own Game Series

We’re excited to announce the release of our Make Your Own Game series. It’s a FREE game development course designed to teach anyone how to make games. There’s no prior coding or programming skills necessary to get started. You’ll learn how to make a game app without coding from start to finish, using our video game software, Buildbox.

The course features 10 very in-depth tutorial videos, led by instructor Heath Close (a professional game developer and co-founder of MindCarve Studios). Each lesson includes a step-by-step tutorial video and a downloadable BBDOC file that you can work with as you’re following along.

For the entire Make Your Own Game series you’ll be working on creating a wall jumper game called GLTCH. This game looks amazing! Our talented artist Dani, created some stunning graphics for the series.

Throughout each lesson you’ll learn inside tips and tricks to creating games like some of the top game publishers. This course was designed to not only teach you how to create a game but how to really use Buildbox to make a successful game, that’s worthy of topping the charts.

In the Make Your Own Game series we’ll cover:

  • Creating the Basics
  • Collision Shapes & Object Settings
  • Building Your First Levels
  • Making Your Game Unique
  • Adding Actions & Special Effects
  • Animated Menus & Sound
  • Making Multiple Game Modes
  • Coin Shop & Unlockable Characters
  • Exporting Your Game
  • Best Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Are you ready to make games?

Everything you need to start learning how to make a game app without coding is available on our official Make Your Own Game course page. If you don’t already have Buildbox, you’ll be able to download a free copy for 30 days. This special trial version will include every option, including the export feature so you can complete your game

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    Patricia Geltman

    i just moved to USA from Cuba. I have an idea that i love for a mobile app but i have not programming experience , i would like to learn. Im very capable , fluent in 3 languages, located in SA,Texas. If you are reading this and believe you could help me , please at least try it, i was stuck in Cuba for 26 years (they wont let you get a passport/leave the country) where there is not internet service or future for people like me. im trying to build a future for myself now, and knocking on every door i can....


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    Buildbox has had more top 100 and apple featured games than the rest of the platforms put together! There are many tutorials to help get people up to speed. There are even apple featured templates in BBDOC format now at

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