Building BuildCast, with UWP Media App Best Practices


Looking for a great sample app, that all by itself is useful, yet one that also shows you how to use a ton of different OS features and frameworks? Fluent design system? Project Rome? Entity Framework? Media Playback? Notifications? Sharing? Inking?

//buildcast might just be that project for you!




At a high level this sample demonstrates usage of:

  • Fluent design system (Acrylic material, Reveal highlight, Connected animations, ParallaxView, an Adobe XD UX Prototype etc)
  • XAML controls and features (NavigationView, swipe commanding, context menu with icons and SVG assets, LoadedImageService, conditional XAML etc)
  • Media playback including picture-in-picture and fullscreen views
  • Inking and smart ink
  • Project Rome and AppServices
  • Background download service, Entity Framework and SQLite
  • Windows composition APIs (InteractionTracker, implicit animations, scene lighting)
  • Notifications with progress bar
  • Share contract

Run the sample ...

Code at a glance

The table below shows the platform features used in the application and where abouts to find them in the sample.


App details


FrameworkUsageCode file
Entity frameworkORM to store objects in SQLiteLocalStorageContext.cs
SQLite in UWPPrimary mechanism for persistenceN/A
.NET Standard 2.0Provides System.TupleNowPlayingState.cs

App features


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