Building your own game controller!

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xna_game[1]Donn Morse created a slightly modified version of the XNA Racing Game Starter Kit to work with a custom game controller that has an accelerometer!

The sample driver supports communication between a Windows 7 application and the sensor. (Note that in addition to a dual axis accelerometer, the driver also supports a compass, a passive-infrared sensor, and an ultra-sonic distance sensor.)

The XNA Racing Game Starter Kit sample demonstrates how you can write a complete auto-racing game in C# with .Net. Included with this project are three updated source files and a COM Interop which let the game receive input from your game controller.

To get this up and going, you'll have to download the XNA Racing Game Starter Kit and swap out the files proved zip file found in the Game Controller project.

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    LoL easy ^^

    thanks even if i don't code my own just having a look is interesting Smiley

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