Christmas Pi

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This Hardware Friday post might get me in a little hot water, but given the time of year and the new shiny that is the Raspberry Pi I thought it worth a post try. There's no Microsoft tech in this project, no C#, no Netduino, no Windows, nothing. But there is a world out there outside of Microsoft (no, really, there is...) and this really does look like fun, so, well, here it is!

Raspberry Pi Lights: how to sync Christmas lights to midi audio

This post will show you the details of my Raspberry Pi powered synchronized Christmas lights project.  I really enjoyed working on this and I wanted to share it with anyone interested in this sort of thing.

It’s fun to begin at the end, so here is a video of the Pi Lights playing to Star Wars.





Software needed:

Debian Rapsberry Pi distro  (

Timidity (apt-get install timidity)

Alsa devel libraries (

Gordon’s wiringPi library (






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