"Chronicling America" with a little JavaScript, Windows 8.1 and VS 2013

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Today's Window's Wednesday's post is a Windows 8.1 project that takes me back a bit. I used to love scrolling through old newspaper microfiche, catching a glimpse of the past.

Today's project is a starting point for something much like that...

Chronicling America

The Library of Congress provides a great API to view articles from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This sample code consumes that API and displays the content in a Windows Store app. My goal here was to build a visually fun application that emulated an old microfiche setup. The scrolling and zoom capabilities of Windows 8.1 made this app easy to build and a snap to make look nice.

Building the Sample

This is a very basic project. Nothing needed here!


What I was trying to do was give the user a new take on a familiar interface. The microfiche projector was always something I found fascinating so I wanted to modernize that a bit. To me, a GridView was a natural update. Adding the search capability took my microfiche system to where no microfiche had gone before Smiley. Finally, I used the flipview control to bring the paging of the newspaper content into the app. This was a very fun project.

Things I would like to do to grow this app:


Source Code Files

  • /js/data.js - Centralized data access component to talk with Chronicling America

More Information

Check out the Chronicling America site and OpenSearch site for more information.

As the author said, there's nothing to do to get the app to run (besides Windows 8.1 and VS 2013). The app downloaded and ran for me with no problems...



Here's a snap of the Project...


Now take this app and run with it!

The Discussion

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