Cloudy Text - Windows Phone 8 to Voice to Text to Azure


Today's Mobile Monday project provides a number of interesting examples, from Windows Phone 8 voice to text to Windows Azure Mobile Services and more.

I've not highlighted many Azure projects as I kind of felt that the initial setup was kind of a pain and a little scary. But for this post, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go.

And guess what? It's really not that bad! Sure there's a number of steps, different sites, things to copy and paste, but really it's not that tough and the walk-throughs will help you get, well, through it.

Azure Voice Notes

This sample demonstrates the basics of speech recognition for speech-to-text functionality, in addition to the fundamentals of working with Windows Azure Mobile Services to retrieve and store data in a Windows Azure database table. When the app runs, it authenticates a user by using a Microsoft Account, retrieves the user’s notes that are stored in the Windows Azure database, and gives the user access to record and store new notes in the database, and delete existing notes. This sample shows you how to do the following:

  • Use Mobile Services to authenticate a user by using a Microsoft Account.

  • Use Mobile Services to store, retrieve, and delete data from a Windows Azure database table.

  • Generate text from speech using the Windows Phone speech recognition APIs and the predefined dictation grammar.

This sample uses the Windows Phone speech recognition APIs and the Windows Azure Mobile Services SDK. For more info about speech recognition in Windows Phone 8, see Speech recognition for Windows Phone 8. For more info about the Windows Azure Mobile Services SDK, visit Windows Azure Mobile Services.

Steps to build and run the sample


Continue walking through the steps and in the end you'll have a living, breathing and listening Windows Phone 8 app that using the cloud as your data store...



Here's the app running on my system, in the emulator. The cool thing is that I deployed this app to my HTC 8X and created and saved the voice note there...


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