Code Analysis at Compile? Why? Do it Live!


Today's project from Microsoft DevLabs leverages Visual Studio 2017 and the awesome that is Roslyn to enable live static code analysis.

Live static analysis?

You know! All the rules and stuff that run while you compile your code? All those warnings you pretend to not see?

Today's extension makes it MUCH easier to see, and better yet respond too these warnings and suggestions!

Microsoft Code Analysis 2017

This is a preview version of the extension.

We’ve rebuilt the most popular 100+ FxCop rules as live analyzers to help you detect problems in your code and make it super easy for you to fix them on the spot with quick fixes. This extension gives you the same great code analysis as before with FXCop but now the analysis is live as-you-type and has quick-fixes.


  • 100+ live diagnostics for API design, performance, security, and best practices for C# and Visual Basic.
  • Quick fixes for applicable diagnostics (using Ctrl+.).
  • Diagnostics appear in the editor, Error List, and scroll bar.
  • All diagnostics are suppressible.




... [Click through to install it]

And of course it's all open source! dotnet/roslyn-analyzers

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