Coding4Fun 2014 Round-Up


Do I really need to wax poetic (as if I could) about 2014? Just looking at the Coding4Fun posts of the year, you can feel the pulse of the year change, increase and feel the excitement build as the ship changes course...

With the release of Windows 10 in 2015, I wonder if next year will top 2014? Now that would be exciting. :)

Coding4Fun Blog

Happy New Year!
Using Wifi-Direct and Proximity API for peer file transfers
Getting going with GART, the Geo AR Toolkit, on Windows Phone 8
Playing in the Babylon.js sandbox and editor
AGENT Smartwatch gets experimental, community driven, Visual Studio 2013 support
Thinking about building your own Tower Game? Start with TGSK (Tower Game Starter Kit)
Weathr, the C++, DirectX and XAML Windows Store App
"How To Make Your Own Lightsaber"
Driving the Silverlit Ferrari 458 Italia with the RC API
Bringing the Modern Touch keyboard into your WPF app
High speed, low drag with the SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) and .Net Micro Framework
Liking LICEcap (Desktop capture to animated GIF)
LiveChat Starter Kit, SignalR style
No empty nesting here, Mads' File Nesting Visual Studio Extension
Mastering your .Net Math needs with ILNumerics
3D Printed, Bluetooth enabled, Netduino powered, Windows Phone Controled Rodent Chaser
Tiled, your TMX game tile map creating tool
Planetary.js - "Awesome interactive globes for the web"
uNFC - Windows Embedded Platform NFC Library
F3 is so yesterday... The Sando Visual Studio Extension provides real code indexing, search and more
SocialGoal - ASP.NET MVC 5, EF 6 Code First, AutoMapper, Autofac, TDD and DDD Sample Site
Home Automation with a little help from Netduino, Microsoft Kinect Point Cloud and Speech Recognition
Need help cleaning up your code? CodeMaid to the rescue!
Add a little spin to your next XAML project with Spinkit.Xaml
Putting a friendly face on statelessness, the Stateless Designer Visual Studio Extension
Sometimes it's the small things, but not this time. This is Biggy!
Building your own Office Remote like project...
Get ready for the ratings and getting going with the Windows Phone Rate My App
Powering up with BLE in Windows 8.1
Windows Phone, RC cars and you...
Visual Studio Bing... The WebSearch Extension for Visual Studio
The Seven Parts of "HTML 5 Fundamentals"
Eight Racer, Window Phone 8 Dagu i-Racer
Ready for Build?
OGRE you ready to build Windows 8.1 games?
IoT Thermal Printer, all with a little Py and Pi
It's Build Day! In honor, here's a tip to script Visual Studio with PowerShell
"The Urban Garden - Adventures in Automated Indoor Gardening"
Giving Visual Studio a little perspective, with an Eclipse like Perspectives extension
Image Resizer for Windows Explorer Shell Extension
Micro-JSON - a JSON parser for the .Net Micro Framework
The future of .NET, today. The .NET Compiler Platform
WebGL to Windows 8
"Bitcoin + Azure + Traffic Light"
"Cortana, show me how I can add you to my app's..."
MyComix Reader goes Universal
Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service (aka IoT) Limited Beta
"Windows Phone 8.1 for Developers" Series
Building a Netduino powered, Wifi enabled Coffee maker
Goto QuickVB, a Roslyn powered homage on Basic's 50th anniversary
Dev-Inspiration, Cortana and codeSHOW
A X86/ARM Emulator with source
Powering Visual Studio with the power of PowerShell, StudioShell
Universal Physics Helper XAML now available
Robots, Bluetooth, Windows Runtime, and oh yeah, LEGOS!
CShell, the open source C# REPL IDE
Taking the HTML5 Platformer and WebGL Game Projects Universal
How to Pebble with Windows and Visual Studio
EOLM, End of the Line Markers Visual Studio Extension
Ahoy Babylon.JS!
Visual Studio 2013 SDK Samples Released
WeatherView, a C# Universal App Sample
.NET Micro Framework, Azure Service Bus and your own IoT OBD Recorder
Pick a color, any... "Integrated Color Picker for Visual Studio IDE"
Marmalade SDK 7.3 for Windows now has a free license available
Cet MicroWPF - WPF for Netduino (Plus) 2 and the FTDI FT800 Eve
Thousands of code samples at your finger tips
GameMaker: Studio, Free
Mono on Raspberry Pi?
Current File Path on the Footer VS Extension
"VB Universal Windows App" series
.NET Micro Framework Future? [Hint: Sure looks it like!]
Windows Phone 8.1 Text to Speech, Speech to Text and Cortana
LEGO Mindstorms, Windows Phone, Azure and you
Extending Visual Studio with your new buddy, VsCommandBuddy
Accessing the XBOX One Controller with C# and making it Accessible too
VB.NET, Netduino and Homebrewing Beer
Starting up the Summer with a little Small Basic
Xbox Music for You (i.e. Dev's)
Windows Developer Program for IoT now rolling out
Reach out and touch the net with TouchDevelop and MaKey MaKey
New Windows Developer Portal and UX Guidelines too
Xbox One Controller Controlled Rocket Launcher...
Scratch, the tool to help you grow your young geek
"Build a 2D Top Down Game – Zero to Published"
Unity, Unity and some Visual Studio too
"Encourage" Visual Studio Extension
Bots, Visual Studio and Arduino in "Programming Robotic Systems with Visual Studio"
No waffling here... SideWaffle and a step-by-step guide to create Visual Studio Item Templates
MonoGame for Windows 8 tutorial and ton's of new samples too
Hardware hands for Software fingers...
A View to an Adornment... Creating a Visual Studio Viewport Adornment Extension
From XNA to DirectX/DirectXTK, a Bizzy Bee conversion series
Live Broadcast “Windows Compatible Hardware Development Boards” Event this coming Monday (Aug 25, 2014)
IL Support Extension v2.0
"A Stroll Through Node..."
Hosting your own Visual Studio Gallery with the Inmeta Visual Studio Gallery
Azure, Windows Phone, Netduino, and some Ice makes for an interesting Ice Bucket Challenge...
Update your Intel Galileo and your first .NET Console app
Say no to grep, say hello to "real" code searching with Sando Code Search Extension
Talking about Marmalade 7.4 adding Windows Phone 8.1 and a Getting Started Guide too
Mono on the Intel Galileo
Cradle to Coder: It's a Kid Coder Week - Post one, Resource Round-up
Cradle to Coder: It's a Kid Coder Week - Post two,'s new Code Studio
Cradle to Coder: It's a Kid Coder Week - Post three, Maker Kids!
NavigateTo powered up with help from Windows Search in NavigateToAll
It's a Unity Game Dev Twofer day
2C24U (Two Construct 2 posts for you)
Visual Studio 2013, VS "14" .NET Micro Framework Support is here!
Get live diff's with Git Diff Margin Visual Studio Extension
"Cortana, what's new?" "There are new code samples..."
Some Azure IoT Pi
Look... GitHub... LookHub
OMNI Engine v1 Released (C# in T3D) - Think new Game Framework for C#'ers
.NET a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 with MonoBrick
WhereAmI? VS Extension notes where a file is in a Project (think "Sync no more")
Sparking your game development muse with Project Spark
Hacking a Missile Launcher (as in the Dream Cheeky Thunder Missile Launcher... )
Making your debugging pretty with DotNetPretty
More Modern UI for WPF examples and samples
This is a case where Margin is a good thing. TFS Pending Changes in the margin Visual Studio Extension
Picture this, the Nokia Imaging SDK and you
WPF Bluetooth data transfer with 32feet.NET
ILSpy, the Visual Studio Extension
Portable Image and Video processing with help from AForge.NET and Accord.NET
Magic Costume and Garage Of Mystery make for Halloween Hardware Madness
Visual Studio 2013 Community - "Professional" development for free*
OGRE you ready to create Universal projects?
Building a Better Visual Studio Start Page...
It's not too late to get ready for the Hour of Code...
Analyze This, Analyze That, Writing .NET Code Analyzers and Fixers
SoundCloud, BandsInTown and Windows App Studio
Hello ThingSpeak
Add the same Projects often? You'll want this extension...
BabylonJS, Unity2D, SparkCore and creating your own DDR Mat
10 Skills Every Beginner Electronics Maker Needs to Know
GitHub Issue Management Visual Studio Extension
TypeScript Invaders
Gadgeteer and Motors and you...
Solution Specific Icon Overlay Extension
Cortana's Pick of the Week app
TouchDevelop to Arduino
Here's your 6 Pack for New Year's Eve... "NR6Pack for Visual Studio 2015" 

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Natural Bing Maps Navigation...
Getting started with your new Kinect v1
Connect to space with NASA JPL, Oculus Rift and the Kinect v2
Kinect v1 vs Kinect v2 (RGB and Depth)
"Kinect for Windows SDK 実践プログラミング [Practical Programming]"
Dive into Developing with the Kinect for Windows v2
Dynamic Grammar and the Kinect
Illuminating Illustration Room with the Kinect
Rock, Paper, Kinect for Windows v2...
Kinect Fusion powered 3D with WebGL, BabylonJS
Kinect for Windows SDK C++ Samples
KinectTools for your Kinect for Windows 1.x Skeleton Drawing
New "Kinect Interaction with WPF" Pluralsight course
Kinect to Global Game Jam 2014 and Fru!
BMW i8 Advertising with the Kinect
Kinect gestures, an implementation walk through
Two Kinect Speech Tips
Kinect on the Korean border
Deep Diving into the Kinect for Windows v2, Part 2...
Looking at the Kinect for Windows v2
Kinect for Windows – What’s new, a view from a Kinect for Windows MVP
Kinect for Windows v2 Events Sample in C++
Getting a Continuous Grip [aka ContinousGrippedState] with the Kinect.Reactive
Mysteries of Kinect for Windows Face Tracking...
More Tips and Tricks for the Kinect to Windows SDK
Color, depth and infrared streams in the Kinect for Windows v2 world (here's how)
Kinecting to your Heart[rate]
GesturePak 2.0 Alpha for the Kinect for Windows v2
A Bridge not to far... The Kinect Common Bridge get face tracking and voice recognition.
Accessible Kinect and Yoga
Kinect 1 vs. Kinect 2, a quick side-by-side reference
Today's hot project, Hotspotizer!
Kinecting to the Mona Lisa
Body Tracking with the Kinect for Windows v2
Jitter Filter for the Kinect
Face Swap... with a little help from the Kinect for Windows v2
Getting down and dirty coding with the Kinect for Windows v2
Final Kinect for Windows v2 Hardware Revealed
Kinect'ing to you with BioGaming
"Turning Microsoft Kinect into a physical therapy tool"
"Kinect for Windows v2 Developer Preview入門 ― C++プログラマー向け連載 [C++ programmer series]"
3D Scanner, with a little help from some LEGOs, a wiper motor and the Kinect
Kinect for Windows v2 and the Kinect Studio
Build on the Kinect for Windows v2
Heremo - Modern rehabilitation with Kinect for Windows
Kinect to Windows Store App development
Kinect.ReactiveV2 for the Kinect for Windows v2
"BUILDing business with Kinect for Windows v2"
Kinect for Windows v2 will make you green (with envy at its background removal features)
"Kinect to Midi"
MyRobotLab Kinects
Home Automation, Kinect powered
"Kinect Client Server System" v0.2 and the 3D-TV app
Real-time scanning with the Kinect v2 (and gnomes)
The Forest Project, Unreal 4 and the Kinect, could help in Alzheimer's and dementia care
Understanding the Kinect Coordinate Mapping, with a little help from Vangos Pterneas
Kinect for Windows gamifies rehabilitation, "Kinect-powered stroke rehab system gets FDA clearance"
MAGECA, market place gesture controlled apps, games and more
Making Kinect Data Distributable via Data Compression
Kinecting to an Orchestra of Obedient Deltabots
Everyone can be a Super Hero
Kinxct Ray - A Kinect for Windows v2 X-Ray
Medical uses of Kinect Workshop
"Comparing MultiSourceFrameReader and XSourceFrameReader"
Kinect Translation Tool: Sign to Spoken and back again...
"3D Movies with Kinect for Windows v2"
"Frames Monitor" Utility from Tom Kerkhove
Pre-order your Kinect for Windows v2 now!
"The Future of Kinect"
Kinect Cursor WPF Control
Kinect Common Bridge v2 Beta now available
Programming the Kinect for Windows [v2] Jump Start, July 15th
Handle your frames with caution...
Kinect to Oculus Rift with Kintinuous
Hand Gestures, Kinect and Conversations
Tilt and Smoothing Parameters WPF controls for your next Kinect Project
Kinect for Windows v2 Live('ish)
Kinecting to Dinos
Kinect for Windows v2 SDK and Unity 3D
SnowBall Effect now supports Kinect V2
Raspi Kinect
It's Kinect for Windows v2 Day!
Kinect to suds (and soccer)
"Hello, Kinect?" - Kinect v2 Speech Recognition example
Oh snap! Body Snap for the Kinect for Windows v2 Public Preview
"Kinect Physical Therapy – Boat Driving"
Capturing Facial Expressions with the Kinect for Windows v2
Terminator, Sky Biometry and the Kinect
"Programming Kinect for Windows v2" Jumpstart On-Demand
Unboxing the Kinect for Windows v2 Device
Kinect for Windows v2 on a Mac? Oh yeah...
Kinect for Windows v2 Transformer Game Project
Kinetisense and Kinect app development the right way
Break Out with Kinect-Breaker
Kinect Controlled Creepy Cat Eyes
Hello (Kinect for Windows v2) World Series
Tv2 - Terminator, Kinect for Windows v2 conversion...
A USB3 tip for non-USB3 Laptops in the Kinect for Windows v2 world...
Executive toy remake with help from Unity3D and Kinect for Windows v2
Kinect for Windows v2 SDK Updated (Now with Fusion!)
Kinect On-Demand with some Azure help
Kinect for Windows v2 Face Tracking Managed and Native
David Renton's Kinect Games v5 now available and updated for the Kinect for Windows v1 SDK, v1.8
"Kinect v2 Help Me Obi Wan Hologram"
Cinder, openFrameworks, Kinect for Windows v2 and getting started...
AutoCAD'ing with the Kinect for Windows v2
"Kinecting” to telemedicine
Kinect Kannon: Kinect-Augmented T-Shirt Cannon
Liberty University Kinects
From Zero to Hero, Kinect to Sphero
Kinect for Windows SDK v2 Public Preview updated (2.0.1409.10000)
Custom Gestures, Kinect for Windows v2 and the Visual Gesture Builder
Kinect to Fingers, hands, pen and a mouse...
Smiling? Sad? Analyzing Facial Expressions with the Kinect for Windows v2
"Bill Fink on Kinect for Windows"
Carbonite and 3D print yourself with the Kinect for Windows v2
Kinect Studio and a Harmonica Player
Augmented reality sand table, Kinect powered
Kinect to iPhone...
Saluting the Visual Gesture Builder - Details and example code
Pakistan? Kinect? Development help? Yes!
Skeleton & Gestures Kinect v2 SDK Sample Code, VB.NET'ed
Kinect 4 Windows V2 & openFrameworks
"No one likes to wait"
Preview no more! Kinect for Windows v2 SDK RTW's and more!
Custom Kinect Control for Drag and Drop, IKinectManipulateableController
Jumping into Kinect for Windows v2 development series
Kinect for Windows v2 and Windows 10 Technical Preview Troubleshooting Tip
KinectKannon Revisited
Kin-Educate Now Available
Kinect4NES (Yes, Kinect to a Classic NES)
Two for Kinect 4 Windows v2 and Unity 3D
Microsoft Cube makes for Kinect Fun
Kinect Snorricam
Connect(); Kinect's
Kinect Virtual Group and Phantom Limb Pain Therapy
Processing for Kinect for Windows v2
Custom Kinect Gestures in Unity3D? Here's how...
Kinect Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Demo
KinectTools v2 with BodyViewer, ColorViewer and ColorAndBodyViewer
GesturePak v2.0 Public Beta
XNA and the Kinect for Windows 2? Here's an example...
Kinect is on Tip of the Tongue, as in Tongue Tracking with the Kv2
Cosplay Kinect
Kinect Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Demo Now With Code!
Kinect Evolution code, video and GitHub K4W Doc's too
"Creating a Gesture-Controlled App in Just Three Steps"
Kinect Jingle Bells
Merry Christmas...
Kinect Ripple, a Dual Projection Infotainment UI Framework
24... Minutes to Custom Gestures with the Kinect v2 for Windows

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