Coding4Fun April 2014 Round-Up


This has been a pretty interesting month, to say the least! From SQL Server 2014 releasing on April 1st, through all that was announced at Build to the closing of the Nokia deal. Yeah, it's been something of a month, that's for sure!

Coding4Fun Blog

It's Build Day! In honor, here's a tip to script Visual Studio with PowerShell
"The Urban Garden - Adventures in Automated Indoor Gardening"
Giving Visual Studio a little perspective, with an Eclipse like Perspectives extension
Image Resizer for Windows Explorer Shell Extension
Micro-JSON - a JSON parser for the .Net Micro Framework
The future of .NET, today. The .NET Compiler Platform
WebGL to Windows 8
"Bitcoin + Azure + Traffic Light"
"Cortana, show me how I can add you to my app's..."
MyComix Reader goes Universal
Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service (aka IoT) Limited Beta
"Windows Phone 8.1 for Developers" Series

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Final Kinect for Windows v2 Hardware Revealed
Kinect'ing to you with BioGaming
"Turning Microsoft Kinect into a physical therapy tool"
"Kinect for Windows v2 Developer Preview入門 ― C++プログラマー向け連載 [C++ programmer series]"
3D Scanner, with a little help from some LEGOs, a wiper motor and the Kinect
Kinect for Windows v2 and the Kinect Studio
Build on the Kinect for Windows v2
Heremo - Modern rehabilitation with Kinect for Windows
Kinect to Windows Store App development
Kinect.ReactiveV2 for the Kinect for Windows v2
"BUILDing business with Kinect for Windows v2"
Kinect for Windows v2 will make you green (with envy at its background removal features)
"Kinect to Midi"
MyRobotLab Kinects

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