Coding4Fun February 2014 Round-Up


We're back with our second post round-up.

As a reminder, we publish a good number of posts, six a week at least. With that number of posts it's easy to miss some of the great stuff stories. Starting this year, as the last Coding4Fun Blog post of the month, I'm going to round-up all that month's posts. At the end of each Quarter, and year end.

It's going to be simple, just a list of Coding4Fun posts, a quick and easy means to help you catch that cool project, post or article...

Coding4Fun Blog

No empty nesting here, Mads' File Nesting Visual Studio Extension
Mastering your .Net Math needs with ILNumerics
3D Printed, Bluetooth enabled, Netduino powered, Windows Phone Controled Rodent Chaser
Tiled, your TMX game tile map creating tool
Planetary.js - "Awesome interactive globes for the web"
uNFC - Windows Embedded Platform NFC Library
F3 is so yesterday... The Sando Visual Studio Extension provides real code indexing, search and more
SocialGoal - ASP.NET MVC 5, EF 6 Code First, AutoMapper, Autofac, TDD and DDD Sample Site
Home Automation with a little help from Netduino, Microsoft Kinect Point Cloud and Speech Recognition
Need help cleaning up your code? CodeMaid to the rescue!
Add a little spin to your next XAML project with Spinkit.Xaml

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Kinect to Global Game Jam 2014 and Fru!
BMW i8 Advertising with the Kinect
Kinect gestures, an implementation walk through
Two Kinect Speech Tips
Kinect on the Korean border
Deep Diving into the Kinect for Windows v2, Part 2...
Looking at the Kinect for Windows v2
Kinect for Windows – What’s new, a view from a Kinect for Windows MVP
Kinect for Windows v2 Events Sample in C++
Getting a Continuous Grip [aka ContinousGrippedState] with the Kinect.Reactive
Mysteries of Kinect for Windows Face Tracking...
More Tips and Tricks for the Kinect to Windows SDK

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