Coding4Fun January 2014 Round-Up


Here at Coding4Fun, we published a good deal of posts, six a week at least. With that number of posts it's easy to miss some of the great stuff we post. Starting this year, I'm going to try something new. As the last Coding4Fun Blog post of the month, I'm going to round-up all that month's posts. At the end of each Quarter, and year end too.

I intend to keep it simple, just a list of Coding4Fun posts, a means to help you catch that cool project, post or article...

If you like it or have any suggestions please let me know.

Coding4Fun January 2014 Round-Up

Coding4Fun Blog

Happy New Year!
Using Wifi-Direct and Proximity API for peer file transfers
Getting going with GART, the Geo AR Toolkit, on Windows Phone 8
Playing in the Babylon.js sandbox and editor
AGENT Smartwatch gets experimental, community driven, Visual Studio 2013 support
Thinking about building your own Tower Game? Start with TGSK (Tower Game Starter Kit)
Weathr, the C++, DirectX and XAML Windows Store App
"How To Make Your Own Lightsaber"
Driving the Silverlit Ferrari 458 Italia with the RC API
Bringing the Modern Touch keyboard into your WPF app
High speed, low drag with the SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) and .Net Micro Framework
Liking LICEcap (Desktop capture to animated GIF)
LiveChat Starter Kit, SignalR style

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Natural Bing Maps Navigation...
Getting started with your new Kinect v1
Connect to space with NASA JPL, Oculus Rift and the Kinect v2
Kinect v1 vs Kinect v2 (RGB and Depth)
"Kinect for Windows SDK 実践プログラミング [Practical Programming]"
Dive into Developing with the Kinect for Windows v2
Dynamic Grammar and the Kinect
Illuminating Illustration Room with the Kinect
Rock, Paper, Kinect for Windows v2...
Kinect Fusion powered 3D with WebGL, BabylonJS
Kinect for Windows SDK C++ Samples
KinectTools for your Kinect for Windows 1.x Skeleton Drawing
New "Kinect Interaction with WPF" Pluralsight course



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