Coding4Fun May 2014 Round-Up


Well another exciting month! TechEd VS 2013.2 RTM, ASP.NET vNext, Surface Pro 3 and so much more, all of which you can find news and videos about, here on Channel 9, of course! :)

Coding4Fun has been chugging along, looking for the cool and fun projects, oh and sharing them along the way (through that's hard since it's so fun to play with all this stuff... lol)

Coding4Fun Blog

Building a Netduino powered, Wifi enabled Coffee maker
Goto QuickVB, a Roslyn powered homage on Basic's 50th anniversary
Dev-Inspiration, Cortana and codeSHOW
A X86/ARM Emulator with source
Powering Visual Studio with the power of PowerShell, StudioShell
Universal Physics Helper XAML now available
Robots, Bluetooth, Windows Runtime, and oh yeah, LEGOS!
CShell, the open source C# REPL IDE
Taking the HTML5 Platformer and WebGL Game Projects Universal
How to Pebble with Windows and Visual Studio
EOLM, End of the Line Markers Visual Studio Extension
Ahoy Babylon.JS!

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Home Automation, Kinect powered
"Kinect Client Server System" v0.2 and the 3D-TV app
Real-time scanning with the Kinect v2 (and gnomes)
The Forest Project, Unreal 4 and the Kinect, could help in Alzheimer's and dementia care
Understanding the Kinect Coordinate Mapping, with a little help from Vangos Pterneas
Kinect for Windows gamifies rehabilitation, "Kinect-powered stroke rehab system gets FDA clearance"
MAGECA, market place gesture controlled apps, games and more
Making Kinect Data Distributable via Data Compression
Kinecting to an Orchestra of Obedient Deltabots
Everyone can be a Super Hero
Kinxct Ray - A Kinect for Windows v2 X-Ray
Medical uses of Kinect Workshop
"Comparing MultiSourceFrameReader and XSourceFrameReader"

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