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Need an "About" for your Windows Phone 7 app? Toggle button? TimeSpan Picker? A number of value to visibility converters? Why re-invent the wheel, when the Coding4Fun team, having run into their own challenges in building Windows Phone 7 app's, have built them for you?

Okay, about the source for them all too?

What drew me to the project is that not only do you get some cool controls and help building Windows Phone 7 applications, but you get the source behind those controls. Okay, okay, it's also a Coding4Fun project, which makes it cool all by itself! And if on the Coding4Fun Blog we can't get excited about Coding4Fun projects, well...

Coding4Fun Phone Toolkit

This is where Coding4Fun will house all our cool controls and tools that we come up with!  Right now we’ve created and updated some great controls for Silverlight that should help out everyone!  If there is a bug, a needed control that could benefit everyone, or you want to help out, please reach out to us! 


  • About Prompt
  • Input Prompt
  • Progress Overlay
  • Round Button
  • Round Toggle Button
  • Memory Counter
  • TimeSpan Picker

Abstract Classes:

  • PopUp class for things like an Input Prompt that can be GPU accelerated unlike the built in Popup control.


  • Boolean to Visibility
  • String To Visibility
  • Themed Image Converter
  • Inversed Theme Image Converter
  • Visibility to Boolean

Binding Helpers:

  • Textbox update

    Example: <TextBox Text="{Binding FooBar, Mode=TwoWay}" local:TextBoxBinding.UpdateSourceOnChange="True" />

Data Helpers:

  • PhoneHelper for getting data out of the WMAppManifest file

    Example:  PhoneHelper.GetAppAttribute("Title")

Snapshot of screens, taken from the post

Assuming you have all the Windows Phone 7 development requirements (which are all free here), the project should download, compile and run with no problems.

Here's a snip of it running in the emulator on my personal notebook.

Snapshot of app running in the emulator

It's literally taken me longer to write this post than it did to get this project running on my notebook. Which means you too can be playing with this, walking the code, dreaming dreams of how you can use it and the techniques in your WP7 app's, in just minutes...

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