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And now for something completely different...

Instead of highlighting a single cool resource I'm going to share a secret with you. How about instead of one, I give you the foundation for many... [Insert "teach you to fish" comment here]. In short, one way I find those cool resources?

Some of the best resources I've found for cool content in our space is from web curators (fka link bloggers). They scan thousands of feeds looking for items of interest and then summarize them in daily or weekly posts. Think "human feed aggregators," hunting the pretty needles from a piles of needles so you don't have to.

Today I'm going to highlight just a few, a few that stood the test of time and are posting machines. The blogs are their labors of love and it clearly shows.

If you only have time to read a few posts a day, these are the ones you can't miss...

Jason Haley's Interesting Finds


Alvin Ashcroft's Dew Drops


Chris Alcock's The Morning Brew


Dave Campbell's Silverlight Cream


Pete Brown's Windows Client Developer Roundup


TWC9 (This Week on Channel 9)


Do you have a favorite web curator (aka link blogger)? Please share them in the comments...


Please Note: I'm writing this post on March 4th and scheduling it for a future release, that's why the dates are a few days old... It's me, not them... Wink

The post preview images are curtsey of  derÄsthet (You've got to love the subtitle for the picture)

The Discussion

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    For WP7 development I would suggest

    They have a large collection of dev articles, tips, videos, dev news etc. For some up to date info about WP7 development also check the "WP7 Dev Guide" which is updated weekly.


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    David Taylor

    I'm about to unsubscribe from the Coding 4 Fun RSS feed: What happened to seeing source code and interesting articles.
    Enough with the link fest (which is usefull, but google is probably quicker if I was ever actually looking for anything specific).
    What happened to source code and schematics for T-Shirt canons and using computer vision to create water canons for cats that s**t in my garden, and other things that could actually be interesting to hobbyists and pro's alike. ;-) I know my examples might be a bit "Canon" heavy, but you know what I mean. WPF is also fun. What about cool things with WCF, MEF, Encryption, etc.
    Windows Phone 7 is awsome, but enough elready. The last Netduino post with the boiler mod was interesting, but again, no source code. Who do I have to link off to read the article. Just putt the content in the post.
    Help!!! I used to love Coding 4 Fun.
    Can we bring the Code back into Coding 4 Fun?
    Aaaaaaaargh!!! Don't make me do it, pleeeeeeeease....

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    @David, thanks for the feedback...

    The Coding 4 Fun Articles ("> and Projects ("> are still doing what you (and I) love about Coding4Fun, the in-depth projects with code, code and code.

    For the blog we're trying something a little different. There's just no way anyone can write up the level of Coding4Fun content seen in the Articles/Projects three times a week, so we're leveraging the stuff found "out there," highlighting cool and fun stuff we find.

    But I hear you... When I'm writing up the next set of posts I'll try to include more code.

    Now since we're still going to be highlighting the work of others in the three times a week blog posts, we can't leach all their code and we'll still need to send readers to the original posts for the meat of their content, but I'll try to focus on, and include more of, code, code and then some code.

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    @David Taylor: Hey David, right now we're in the process of creating some really awesome stuff.  Certain things caused some delays and I'm well aware of the need for a new article.  That is why we do have the article and blog section.  There will be a new article in the next few days.


    For t-shirt cannons, we released source and I believe 4 different articles on how we did it. (has links to all other articles)


    We're also also looking for new ideas and possible authors.  If you're interested, please shoot me an email,

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    Also the source for the cannon: 

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    Jason Haley

    Thanks for the mention Greg!

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