Console (not that kind) Space Invaders

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Today's project is a deceptively simple project that's just fun, for the fun of it. I mean, who doesn't love a good console (as in command line console) game of...


Space Invaders

Project Description
The classic Space Invaders game written in C#.

**Space Invaders The Game **
The project represents entertaining console game. The idea in the game is stopping alien invasion. There are different types of alien ships that must be destroyed by the player’s ship. Both the player and the aliens can fire to destroyed the enemy and have number of lifes. For every destroyed alien ship player receives points. Also there can be bonuses for killing the aliens – Gifts (points or additional life).


Deceptively simple? Check out the included Diagram;


And a snap of the Solution;


Yeah, all that for a console space invaders. How cool is that... Smiley

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