Cool Utility Library in CUL (Craig's Utility Library)

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    James Craig

    I was wondering why my project was now number 1 in the "Projects Users are Following" category on CodePlex, and why my website spiked, and why I've received 10 emails in the past 2 days concerning the project... Greg is now my hero.

    Anyway, for people downloading the code and looking through the tests, you can actually switch out MoonUnit for without too much of an issue (MoonUnit was actually based off of xUnit 1.8). There are a couple differences though. And also I need to actually put out a new version of MoonUnit anyway as there are a number of bug fixes in the source that aren't in the app. Also, people that download this using NuGet, double check that you're using version 3.0 and not 2.0 (there was an errant package that was out there for a while). Oh and if anyone wants to volunteer to help out, contact me through the CodePlex site.

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