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You watch This Week on Channel 9, right? You've seen Cortana's debut on the show, TWC9: Microsoft Band, TechEd Europe 2014, Office 365 API's, HTML5 Final, a special guest and more..., where she shares her Pick of the Week?

The magic is an app that Vlad (Vladimir Kolesnikov) created, which he's now shared with all of you... :)


Hello from Seattle!

Cortana's Pick of the Week app made for "This Week on Channel 9" (

If you want to know how to integrate your app with Cortana, there is a great talk on that - "Integrating Your App into the Windows Phone Speech Experience" by Rob Chambers, F Avery Bishop and Monica South.

There is also a good collection of links to samples -

We are using this app at "This Week on Channel 9" for making some fun around technologies. This app requires some configuration. By default it starts in the configuration mode where you can specify header, title, 2 images, URL for this week's Pick of the Week and an actual SSML or text for Cortana talking through.


Then, with launching the app via Cortana (ask "Cortana, what is you pick of the week?") you will get something like on a picture below and Cortana talking.


Cortana works in Windows Phone 8.1 and later. The project requires Visual Studio 2013 or later.

In addition to the resources above, there is a very good sample of Cortana integration - MSDN Voice Search. It includes both basic stuff like we used, and some advanced techniques, e.g. PhraseTopic with natural language commands. Good luck!

P.S. We used a modified version of XamlAnimatedGif by Thomas Levesque. Thank you, Thomas!

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