Cradle to Coder: It's a Kid Coder Week - Post two,'s new Code Studio


The second post in our Kid Coder Week comes via GeekWire's Blair Hanley Frank ...

Kindergarten coders: launches open source Code Studio to boost kids’ learning of computer science announced the launch of its new Code Studio today – an open source product designed to make it easy for kids — as young as kindergarten age — to pick up the building blocks and skills it takes to learn computer science. The studio includes courses on broad programming topics like loops and conditionals, as well as more general topics like how the Internet works. Code Studio’s Play Lab also includes functionality that allows students to message a link to apps or animations that they’ve built directly to a smartphone ...

ANYBODY CAN LEARN - Announcing Code Studio!

I’m proud to announce the launch of Code Studio,’s new open-source learning platform designed to teach students the basics of computer science, starting as early as kindergarten. 

The vision is to bring computer science to every student in every school and today marks our latest step towards that vision.

We believe passionately that every child who has an opportunity to discover the world around them through a smartphone should also be given the learning capabilities and tools to build their own app. Code Studio enables even our youngest students to learn to build a basic animation or app in elementary school, and then share it to a friend’s phone within minutes.


The Code Studio tutorials enable students to cover programming topics such as repeat loops, conditionals, and functions, as well as broader concepts such as how the internet works, or the role of digital citizenship in modern society. Code Studio expands on’s previous online tutorials which have already been used by over 30,000 classroom teachers and tens of millions of students. Any student can sign up for the beginner courses at

Make a simple app, send it to you phone
Within Code Studio, we’ve developed Play Lab, where elementary students can create and send apps or animations directly to a cell phone, just by typing in the phone number. This is a first in education for kids, made possible through a collaboration with Twilio.

... Code Studio


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    New York Times reporter Nick Bilton says he once asked Jobs “So, your kids must love the iPad?”

    Jobs response: “They haven’t used it. We limit how much technology our kids use at home.”

    - The Times article examines the growing trend among the California Silicon Valley tech set to limit children’s technology use. Many of the people behind the social media platforms, gadgets and games that are consuming our kids’ time and minds aren’t actually allowing their own children to waste an entire Saturday afternoon playing Minecraft on the iPad.

    - Some of these Silicon Valley engineers and execs are even going to the extreme of sending their kids to computer-free schools.

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    Salaries are already stagnant and artificially suppressed. No extra competition is necessary. Teach surgery to kindergarten kids instead.

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