Creating a simple Angry Avian (i.e. Birds) Clone for WP7 all in Expression (and no code) Tutorial

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Today's post shows off the power of Expression Blend (and Behaviors) and just how much you can do with it...

[Tutorial + Video] Creating a small Angry Birds clone for Windows Phone in 5 minutes

In this post, we are going to show hot to create a small Angry Birds clone for Windows Phone 7 in 5 minutes using Expression Blend and zero (yes, zero) lines of code. Of course, the game that we will create is far from finished but it can serve as a start for your new awesome game.

First check out the under 5 minute video;

Now for an easy to follow-along written tutorial, return to the post, Tutorial + Video] Creating a small Angry Birds clone for Windows Phone in 5 minutes, and in 5 minutes or so (minus downloads, etc) and no code, you can be playing with your simple physics WP7 "game." Sure there's no scoring, etc, etc, but I think you'll be amazed at how much you can do so quickly.

And when I mean no, code, we're really talking no C# code. Here's a snap of the Solution (which ran just fine for me in the WP7.1 emulator).


Of course there's XAML, but even there, there's very little really;


If you're looking for a fun and simple introduction to Expression Blend, want to play with the Farseer Physics library, thinking about creating a WP 7.1(5) game or just looking to fill a few minutes doing something a little different, this post might be just your ticket...


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