Creating and exploring a 3D maze with Silverlight 5

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    So what's the final answer then: Is Silverlight dead or not?

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    Reminds me of a 3D maze that I had as a screen saver on a old Windows 98 computer!

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    Stay hungry, stay foolish...

    sorry for the stupid questions...

    would love if you could redirect me to a post where I could find the answers to the following questions::

    1. Can we write the silverlight in C++...because the above language looks similar to C++ code...
    2. Where can I find  list of datatypes similar to "Cell", "Stack", "List"
    3. What does  Stack<Cell> do

    4. Where can I start learning Silverlight from the basics as low as datatypes.
    what was your source of learning???

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    @SChandra: in brief, no, C++ is not allowed.

    Check out site.

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    Get the book fun with silverlight 4

    to start learning silverlight.

    More info at

    To have a basic refresher on silverlight 3d check

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