Creation Crate v2


A year and a half ago we highlighted a cool way to get started in the maker game, Creation Crate.

And while I don't usually highlight Indiegogo campaigns, when Chris let me know about this one, I HAD to share it with you...

Creation Crate: Augmented Reality For Education

Creation Crate is bringing experiential learning to tech-education! Our current curriculum delivers 12 months of projects to help makers learn how to build and program electronics. We've taken the feedback from nearly 3000 customers and have redesigned our curriculum to be more educational and interactive with features such as augmented reality, Facebook messenger tokens, and an online classroom. To finish the development of this new curriculum, we need your help.

Are you prepared for the jobs of the future? Now you can learn how to build and program electronics in under 12 months using Augmented Reality, Facebook Messenger Tokens, and our Online Classroom!

Creation Crate launched in early 2016 and took the tech-education space by storm with a beta of their teacher-designed monthly subscription box curriculum.



We're introducing 4 new features to our entire newly designed project curriculum! Augmented Reality will change the experience in how you learn. Facebook Messenger Tokens will change how you access information. The online classroom will be free to anyone! And the Ultimate Maker Kit makes it all accessible to large groups and classrooms



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