Did someone say Kinect?


Today, the Channel 9 Coding4Fun family gets a new member, the Kinect for Windows SDK (https://channel9.msdn.com/coding4fun/kinect) blog!

As you might of heard, today Microsoft released the beta of the Kinect for Windows SDK. To help, and celebrate, the community nature of the SDK, the new blog will be home to Kinect for Windows SDK development and information/learning related posts. And given this is a Coding4Fun blog, it will also have cool, interesting and fun Kinect for Windows SDK projects, from inside and outside of Microsoft, too.

Stop on by, say Hi and see what the excitement is all about...

The Discussion

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    Congrats to everyone at Channel 9 for a great live event. The SDK looks awesome!

    Will post my own progress with the SDK http://rd3d2.wordpress.com

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    Congrats to everyone at Channel 9 for a great live event. The SDK looks awesome!

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    Is it possible to fake multitouch using the Kinect on windows 7, i.e. the Kinect will track the hands of the user and will pass the position of the hands to the Windows 7 OS as two touch points instead of mouse cursor and all this without the need of a touchscreen. Thus allowing a better user experience considering the amount of investment in windows 7/WPF 4.0 multitouch technology.

    Martin Menezes

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    I have the same question than Martin...

    Great event by the way, congrats to everyone!

    Latest post: http://www.recettespourcuisine.com/recette-tartiflette/ and http://www.litevolutif.info

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