Don't be blue... the Blue Book gets a major mango update!

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I'm sure you've all heard about Rob Miles's Yellow Book, right? That awesome C# learning resource? Did you know he's also provided a similar resource for Windows Phone 7 development? The Blue Book?

The updated Blue Book for Windows Phone 7.1(5) was just recently released. It went from 152 pages to 248, and the samples/demos/labs from an 80MB zip to 130MB...

Windows Phone Blue Book Available

The Windows Phone Blue Book Mango Version is now available. This is for Version 7.5 (Mango) of the phone and 7.1 of the tools.

You can download it from here.

The file is quite big, around 130M. This is because you don't just get the book, you also get a complete course including sample code, Powerpoint decks and labs.

Important: When you unzip the files there are some quite long file paths in the sample code. This is because a Windows Phone project can have quite a few subfolders beneath it. You can avoid this problem by unzipping to somewhere quite high up the directory hierarchy on your disk, perhaps c:\WP7 for example.

Windows Phone Programming in C# (Windows Phone Version 7.5)

The main text is provided as a Word document and PDF file. This contains the entire text, broken into chapters.

The Demos folder contains a folder for each of the chapters that have demonstration programs.

Teaching Content
For each of the chapters there is a folder with the presentations and lab content for that chapter. Each presentation is for that section of the chapter and has a corresponding folder containing the demonstrations for that chapter. The Demonstration slides in the presentation contain step by step instructions for that demonstration in the slide notes. Note that not all the demonstrations have sample projects associated with them, for these demonstrations the program will be created during the presentation.

The first 9 chapters also have a lab document which contains a set of lab exercises for that chapter. Some of the lab documents also have answer documents.

The following chapters are covered in this material:

  1. Windows Phone
  2. Introduction to Silverlight
  3. Visual Studio Solution Management
  4. Constructing a Program with Silverlight
  5. Isolated Storage on Windows Phone
  6. Using Databases on Windows Phone
  7. Networking with Windows Phone
  8. XNA on Windows Phone
  9. Creating Windows Phone Applications
  10. Windows Phone Marketplace


To get a feel for the zip's content, I like to use a tool such as WinDirStat.


As you can see, we're talking about much more than just a PDF here! We're talking a complete course, from start to finish with decks, labs, demos and more.


If you're new to Windows Phone 7 development or Mango/Windows Phone 7.1(5) or are looking to teach those that are, this should be one of your first stops in that journey.

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    Awesome  Monster !

    Hopefully the consumer will bypass the biased press phone reviews and sales staff and come to appreciate the beauty of WP7(Mango) phone experience, whilst we deliver great apps based upon Robs excellent guidance.

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