Dropping in on Dropbox with DropNet

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Cloud file storage is one of those things that once you get started with you wonder how you lived without it. Having your files available no matter where you are, freeing your files from being jailed on a specific PC, having our "data at our fingertips" is a feeling that's hard to beat.

Cloud file storage is becoming even more important as our phones morph from verbal communication devices into true hand held computers (my phone's only about a thousand times more powerful than my first PC...lol). So getting access to your cloud stored files on them is key.

Today's post shows how easy it can be to code this yourself, with the Dropbox, DropNet and Windows Phone 7.


Dropbox on Windows Phone 7 with DropNet

"So I have been working on an open source Dropbox client library for a while now called DropNet. I have recently put this project into NuGet so its super easy to add Dropbox support to your Windows Phone 7 apps.

I’ll start with a File -> New Project, creating a sample Windows Phone Application.




DropNet Implements most of the API’s functions, including :

  • Uploading files
  • Downloading files
  • Creating folders
  • Creating an account
  • Getting account info
  • Deleting files/folders
  • Data usage counter

I’m always updating the project over at GitHub, drop by and let me know what you think or if you have any feature requests/bugs. GitHub Project.


Or check out the NuGet Package here.

Let's take a peek at latest DropNet source drop;


Yep you see that correctly, there's a build for MonoTouch, WPF, Windows Phone 7 and even a command line interface (CLI).

Here's the DropNet Solution


As you can see, the Windows Phone project is just a proxy project for the main library (i.e. all the meat is in files linked into the WP7 project, note the file's shortcut icons). Shows there's not allot of magic required for the WP7 version of the library...

Also it's nice getting the tests, not only because tests are good, but they provide nice documentation tidbits too.

If you're a Dropbox user and are looking to integrate it into your apps, DropNet might be just what you are looking for...


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