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Recently we highlighted a control that you could use to create your own text editor, if you applied a good bit of elbow grease, Creating your own Text Editor with AvalonEdit

Today's project by Marco Macciò takes that to an entirely new level, creating a complete and fully functional text editor++.

DtPad - .NET Framework text editor

DtPad is a Windows text editor, developed with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and identified by many advanced features, including HTML and XML code management, search in files, search with regular expressions, note mode (light window in foreground), built-in multilanguage support with dictionaries usage, integration with online services (ie. Google, Wikipedia), CSV file management and much more.


Today's feature

  • Search in files - This window allows to search a text content inside more files at once, showing results inside internal explorer panel...
  • Windows "hosts" file editing - Do you know that DtPad owns an explicit feature for Windows "hosts" file? ...
  • Sessions - DtPad allow the saving of all the opened tabs in a unique session. In such a way it is possible to close DtPad, open it again and continue to work ...
  • Command line properties - Could I improve my work speed by starting DtPad with a specific functionality? Yes, you can.
  • Note mode - I have often felt the need to have a text editing window that was able to stand in the foreground, so that I can write important data and information without two windows side by side...
  • CSV editor - Many features of DtPad were born as a result of real needs. This is the case of the CSV editor...
  • Window modes - DtPad has different visual modes that allow it to adapt to different usages, or to satisfy particular needs.

What's also different about this project is that the author created his own installer, uninstall, updater and even a help system...

DtDesk suite

This page contains some informations about the DtDesk suite, which is composed by the following applications:

  • DtPad
  • DtPad Updater
  • DtPad Setup
  • DtPad Uninstaller
  • DtHelp


This is the main application, the one to which this CodePlex's project is dedicated.

DtPad Updater

This program allows you to update DtPad to latest version, without having to reinstall it and lose your personal settings. It is not necessary to execute it frequently, since DtPad can automatically communicate the existence of an update (depending on how you have set it).

DtPad Setup

This is the main downloadable file that you can find here, and it consists of a few simple steps to help in the installation of DtPad.

DtPad Uninstaller

DtPad use Windows registry only to store "Open With" link. If you don't enable it into settings, you can simply uninstall DtPad deleting its folder. Otherwise you can use this comfortable application.


This application is a guide viewer, and it should be integrated inside DtPad to explain to users its functionalities, but unfortunately it wasn't due to lack of time.

Grabbing the latest check-in, I was able to compile and run it with no problems. Note through that you should Build it in release mode first, then in debug. Or edit the Project's Post-build steps. There is a post build copy of the output to a "release" folder. So either create that folder, remove that post build step or just do a Release build.

Here's a snap of the Solution;


As you can see here' there's a number of interesting features included. For example, the Dropbox integration via the SharpBox project and the XmlGrid control.

Then there's the DtPad project itself;



From File Compare, Hex Display/Editing, Search in Files, Translation, spell checking and even zip stuff.

Who ever said text editors can't be fun! (I mean look at all that code, features and functions to check out!)


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    raditya gumay

    Nice stuff!

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    Hello, I'm Marco Macciò, the lead author of DtPad (but not the only one, since Derek Morin joined the project). I'm glad you enjoyed DtPad, and I hope that this program can improve from time to time.

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