EOLM, End of the Line Markers Visual Studio Extension


Extensions don't have to be monsters. They don't have to have everything and the kitchen sink too. Sometimes a focused, specific extension that does one thing and one then well is the perfect fit for your needs.

Today's extension from Rolf W. Rasmussen is a case in point. It does one thing, but if you've ever needed something like this, you'll know just how perfect this help could be...

End of the Line


End of the Line is a Visual Studio extension that shows end of line markers in text editor allowing users to differentiate between CRLF and LF line endings.

Visual Studio provides the Edit ▸ Advanced ▸ View White Space (Ctrl+R, Ctrl+W) option to visualize spaces and tabs. Unfortunately this option does not visualize line break characters such as carriage returns (CR) and line feeds (LF). The End of the Line is a Visual Studio extension fixes this. When used it will CR and LF characters as ¤ and ¶ respectively using the same font style as Visual Studio displays spaces and tabs in.

Source code


Sources of inconsistent line endings

Have you ever wondered why Visual Studio starts showing the Inconsistent Line Endings when you open a file, even though you've only ever used Visual Studio to edit the file? Detecting where these inconsistent line endings originate from is a lot easier when you're able to see the line endings while editing the file. Common ways in which inconsistent line endings gets introduced is:

  • Copying and pasting code from a file with different line endings.
  • Using Visual Studio extensions that always assumes CRLF endings to reformat regions of code.

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And best of all, as you've seen above, the source is available too!

The Discussion

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    I'd say it's pretty fortunate that the View White Space option doesn't visualize line endings, but that's no reason not to have an additional feature for that :)

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    prapaporn  pukhamkom

    I need driver program line appication for notebook window8

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