Editor Enhancements and .Ignore


Last Monday we highlighted more work from Mad Man Mads, "ASP.NET Core Template Pack". Well we can't leave it at that! Here's two more projects from Mads...

Editor Enhancements

Provides additional features such as HTML and URL encodings, transformations and sorting of selected text the editor.


  • String encodings/decoding
  • String transformation
  • Hashing
  • Remove duplicate lines
  • Remove empty lines
  • Line sorting

Edit menu

The features are located in 3 menus under the top level Edit menu.



Transform Selection

Some simple commands to transform the selected strings.


It even has some popular hashing algorithms handy.

Selected Lines

This gives you easy access to sort the selected lines alphabetically, as well as removing empty- and duplicate lines.


... [Download it now]


A language service that makes it painless to handle all types of .ignore files such as .gitignore, .tfignore, etc.

This extension supports .gitignore (Git), .tfignore (Team Foundation), .hgignore (Mercurial), .npmignore (npm), .dockerignore (Docker), .chefignore (Chef), .cvsignore (CVS), .bzrignore (Bazaar), .jshintignore (JSHint), .eslintignore (ESLint), .cfignore (Cloud Foundry), .babelignore (Babel), .svnignore (SVN)

See the changelog for changes and roadmap.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • File icons in Solution Explorer
  • Non-matching file paths are grayed out
  • Hover tooltips show path details
  • Button to remove all non-matching paths
  • Drag 'n drop support for files and folders
  • Syntax validation
  • Light Bulbs for quick actions
Syntax highlighing

Syntax highlighting for all types of .ignore file.


File icons

Correct file icons will be shown for all the .ignore files.


Tooltip ...

Non-matches ...

Remove non-matches ...

Drag 'n drop ...

Validation ...

Light Bulbs ...

... [Click through to see more features]

And Mads being Mads, both are open source, https://github.com/madskristensen/Editorsk & https://github.com/madskristensen/IgnoreFiles

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