Summer is over, the kids are back in school and that initial excitement is over. Now begins the year long struggle to get them up, out of bed and their day started.

Jamie Dixon, Microsoft MVP, has focused his hardware building and dev skills on this problem and built, what might be, the ultimate "get their butts out of bed" bed...

Building the Eject-A-Bed

My youngest child has a real hard time getting out of bed in the morning.  Instead of getting mad, I put my hacker hat on and got building.  I found a hospital inversion table on Craig’s list and put it in the garage.

My daughter, Sonoma, and I first wanted to understand how the bed controller works.  We first thought that the controller used PWM so we hooked up our Oscilloscope to the two metal wires that travel from the controller to the bed’s motor.  We moved the controller up and down but no signal was being recorded.  Sonoma then noticed that the “wire” was a hollow tube.  Taking a wild guess, we blew down the pipe.  Sure enough, that made the bed move.


The next step was to have the Netduino receive commands to move the servo.  I purchased an inexpensive portable router and plugged it into the Netduino.  I then coded up a series of methods that would set up the router and listen for requests.  If a valid request came in, the servo would move:


The next step was no code but still lots of fun (anytime you can use air tools, it is fun).  We removed the screw drive from the hospital bed and attached it to my son’s real bed:


And then we can throw him out of bed via a simple http request from anywhere in the house:

[Click through for the code, details and more]



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