Fall Fury, the PDF!


You've all see the recent Coding4Fun articles on the Fall Fury project, right?

What? No? (Well of course I know YOU have, but maybe there's a few other haven't...)

What is Fall Fury anyway?

FallFury is a 2D platformer in which the player controls a falling bear, trying to avoid obstacles, dodge missiles, and destroy monsters as the bear falls. The project incorporates several of the new Windows 8 APIs, including the accelerometer and touch as well as integrations with core OS capabilities such as settings and share charms. Additionally, the project leverages the most exacting addition to the Visual Studio development environment—hybrid application development with XAML, C++, and DirectX.

Here's the Table of Contents for the entire series;

There's videos, code explications, stuff to download, all there...

But 12 posts can be allot to click through, especially if you want something printable or readable offline. Wouldn't it be great if all this content were available in a single PDF?

Fall Fury, the PDF


That's right! All 12 posts in the series are now available in a nicely formatted 131 page PDF!

Download and get your Teddy's on! (Wait... that doesn't sound right... um... err... um...  Wink

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