From Zero to SteamLands - A ten part series on game building with Unity

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Time to get to some gaming, don't you think? How about some Unity? Windows 8?, Phone Phone 8? Windows Azure Mobile Services? Going beyond "Hello Game World"?

Today's post highlights a recent series by Petri Wilhelmsen that does all that and more. If you were to combine these posts into a book, I think you'd end up with a serious page count (and allot of great information, of course! Wink

Unity for Windows: I – Getting started


Hi, and welcome to the first part of the Unity game programming for Windows tutorial series. This  first part will introduce you to Unity and help you create your first simple game. In part II and III we will export the game for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.


Unity for Windows VI–Creating a more advanced game, Part 1


The complete game will be a game where you move an animated player, and have to take out spiders with your laser. It’s a survival game where we you walk on a scrolling scene, and the world will be infinite. We will also generate random scenery and keep track of our high score.

In this tutorial we will set up the project and create the animated player object for our game.

And as you would expect, the source is all available too...


If you've heard of Unity but were afraid of any learning curve, interested in writing games, creating Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 app's his series really is a must read...

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