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Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer is one of my favorite hardware kits, one that I've blogged about here a number of times. Yet I've never highlighted the work of Duke Nukem (no, not that one). He's uploaded a number of great Gadgeteer videos which we're highlighting today...

Gadgeteer and Motors - Part1 - DC Motors

Part 1 of a series of Gadgeteer YouTube videos I'm doing that show just how easy it is to use different kinds of motors and such with Gadgeteer. In this project we use a Motor Driver L298 Module to control a Tamiya 70097 Twin-Motor Gearbox Kit.

There is also a demo showing use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to control motor speed.

Other videos in this series will show how to use Stepper and Servo motors and Encoders and Pulse counters.

Parts List
FEZ Cerberus Mainboard -
Character Display Module -
Motor Driver L298 Module -
USB Client SP Module -
Not sure if you can purchase the SolderMonkey TripleSlide anymore but if you need 4.3 drivers for it I have uploaded drivers for it here -
Tamiya 70097 Twin-Motor Gearbox Kit - You can get these pretty much everywhere but I got mine from -

Source code -

The Discussion

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    Duke Nukem

    Gadgeteer is just so much fun it becomes addictive and I think its the best way for developers (like me) to get into the world of IoT.

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    what is e ir

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