Game-O Emulator Community Edition

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There's a new KickStarter project that just has days to go (it's fully funded already) that just recently released an emulator... meaning we can start building games and stuff for it, today, free...

The project? Open-source programmable hand-held console, FEZ Game-O

The emulator?

Game-O Emulator Community Edition

This is a community edition of the emulator for Fez Game-O console. It is WPF based application. To exit the emulator press "Power" button. To change the color of the emulator press one of the colored button at the bottom of the screen.


Initial submit: Source code only. The installation project is in progress and will be added later.

Yep, you get the source to the emulator!

Na emulator isn't much without something to run in it...

Game-O Fetris

This is a clone of the Tetris game for Game-O. It has been tested only on Emulator. I will most likely do another revision once the actual hardware is out.

Inspired by:

Here's the deal,first make sure you have Visual Studio 2012 installed, the .Net Micro Framework (you can find 4.3 here), download the emulator, Build it.

Now the .Net Micro Framework Emulator Device list should have a GameOEmulator listed.





Now the Game-O Fetris project should run and be playable in the emulator...

Here's it running on my system;


Now go crazy and get your GameO on!

(BTW, if you have a touch system, the emulator is even easier to use...)

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