Game UI Patterns


I saw this tweet the other day from George Osborn...

... and after checking it out, thought it would be something you all might find useful. It's still in an early stage, but that's where you all come in! Now's the time to jump in on the ground floor and contribute.

Game UI Patterns

A resource for game devs who are looking for inspiration and common solutions to common problems regarding UI design.


“A simple reference for video game UI design inspiration.”

“Design patterns” are general, reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems. The term was coined originally in programming but has since been applied to UI design. With this site, we aim to offer a similar catalogue of patterns specifically with regards to video game UI design.

How to use this site

The aim of this site is to offer a browsable collection of UI patterns that might prove useful for forming the foundation of your UI solutions for your game or project. It is not an authoritative dictation of how your UI should look or operate, rather a starting point that you might choose to use if deemed appropriate.

If you have a specific UI challenge in mind then hopefully there is a helpful guide (send us suggestions if not). Alternatively, simply browse through the patterns presented to see what ideas and inspiration you find.


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